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TIP/ix support is no longer included in the license fee.

In 2016, all customers were notified that TIP/ix support would end December 31, 2021.

Our mailing address in Canada:

Inglenet Business Solutions
PO Box 36,
Whistler, BC, Canada V0N 1B0

All TIP/ix software requires a valid license key.
Contact TIP/ix sales if you need an updated license key at

Provided you are on a version of TIP/ix from 2019 or more recent, it may continue to run (with warning on startup) after the license has expired.
If you are running an older version and the license is expired then a delay of 2 seconds may be added to each transaction.

To see the latest TIP/ix README file click here

The final version of TIP/ix: "2023/12/20 2.5 R0 - 0442"

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