GnuCOBOL prebuilt for TIP/ix for download

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This GnuCOBOL compiler is based on the 'trunk' and is built with D-ISAM (see which is the ISAM file handler that TIP/ix uses.

GnuCOBOL is an Open Source COBOL compiler and you can get the 4.0 source code download

GnuCOBOL for 64 bit Platforms

Platform Download
Linux 8.1 (Intel) download
Linux 7.0 (Intel) download
Linux 6.8 (Intel) download
Linux 6.2 (Intel) download
AIX 7.0 (PowerPC) download
MAC OS download

GnuCOBOL for 32 bit Platforms

Platform Download
Linux 6.2 (Intel) download
Redhat Linux 5.0 (Intel) download
Sun Solaris 5.7 (Sparc) download

After downloading, use 'tar xzvf name' to extract the contents and run the 'install' script as 'root'.
You must also have TIPROOT environment variable defined for your local TIP/ix system before running the 'install' script.